Cultivate the habit of reading books in your child

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The Ark Junior School - South B provides wholistic education in a Happy, Secure and Stimulating learning environment, in which all members of the school community can grow in confidence and realize their highest potential.


Co-curricular activities provide the basis for a child’s learning. Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress, and character appeal to students. It includes athletics, cultural events, library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts, meditation, etc.

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CBC provides the basis for a child’s learning. Play activities, toys, and manipulation of a variety of materials lay a firm foundation for literacy and numeracy skills, creativity, and self-confidence. CBC is the country's new education system, introduced in December 2017. Under this system, each learner's progress is monitored over a period of 2-6-3-3 years.

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Coding is the process of giving instructions to computers with the help of programming languages that the machines understand. The computer programme is the sequence of instructions that can range from a two-line code to something that can run into millions of lines. It helps with problem-solving and analysis skills, such as finding errors and thinking logically.

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The Ark Junior School - South B success lies in its commitment to running its activities with professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with the best outcome.

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Your child's participation in curricular & co-curricular activities enriches his/her overall educational experience by fostering collaboration and leadership, while instilling school pride and ownership. We want to build a strong tradition of excellence, in and out of the classroom, and our goal is for all students to find success in both.

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Thursday Fun Day - How to make fun

Our students  enjoy having   fun like any other kid. Ark junior  school gives them the time to see the other side of life .

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Cultivate the habit of reading books in your child. Find ways to encourage your child to pick up different books by providing a mini library at home.

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At The Ark Junior School - South B we believe the Joy of the Lord is our strength and that our God has good plans for us and will give all of us and our children a bright future. 

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