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The Ark Junior school is offering a primary school program which includes Day Care ,Play Group ,ReceptionPP1 and PP2 (Pre-School)Grade 1-6 (Competency Based Curriculum) and Junior Secondary. We are confident of a top position nationally in this academic year and in the future. Laying a strong foundation is therefore our strongest focus as we set our sight in scaling the heights in the academic ladder in line with our vision.


Coding is the process of giving instructions to computers with the help of programming languages that the machines understand. The computer programme is the sequence of instructions that can range from a two-line code to something that can run into millions of lines. It helps with problem-solving and analysis skills, such as finding errors and thinking logically.



CBC provides the basis for a child’s learning. Play activities, toys, and manipulation of a variety of materials lay a firm foundation for literacy and numeracy skills, creativity, and self-confidence. CBC is the country's new education system, introduced in December 2017. Under this system, each learner's progress is monitored over a period of 2-6-3-3 years.



Co-curricular activities provide the basis for a child’s learning. Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress, and character appeal to students. It includes athletics, cultural events, library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts, meditation, etc.


Co-Curriculum Activities

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